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Patagonia Rustic Mushroom Side Tables


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Regular Price: $1,050.99

Special Price $650.99

Regular Price: $1,050.99

Special Price $650.99

 Patagonia Rustic Expression by Patron Design

Designed from naturally fallen Patagonian Cypress Trees. Each piece is unique in style, natural beauty and character. Some of our wood is close to 200 years old. We welcome requests for custom made pieces.

Experience Patagonia without actually being there and the beauty of the Patagonian Cypress will be yours to be enjoyed forever.

We believe that bringing into your personal space furniture that has been made from a tree that has lived through its full natural cycle and has not been felled but has fallen naturally, is the best way to honor the tree that once lived.

Our Aim: Welcome Patagonia into people’s living space, save the value of its wood, preserve its beauty, and in a sense, prolong the life cycle of the Cypress Tree beyond its existence as a tree.

Every product comes with a bronze plate indicating age and origin of cypress tree!!  This item also comes with a catalog and an informative booklet about the manufacturer.



Diameter: 18" - 24"

Height (avg.): 17"

Finish: Natural

Wood: Cypress

Weight: 99 lbs (avg.)

Finish: High quality satin finish.


The Austrocedrus Chilensis



……………………             ……   ………………………..         ……………. ………………………………………………………………

A native of the Patagonian Andes, the Andean Cypress grows in a narrow 31 mile-wide band of territory between parallels 32º and 44º. It is a protected species and harvesting live trees is prohibited.

The cypress forest mark the transition between the humid Chilean rainforest to the west and the dry Patagonian desert to the east. The cypress has a life cycle of about 200 years. Its wood is know for its unusual and curious lines, knots and natural beauty. 


Fallen and dead standing trees are identified, marked for collection by the forest agency and transformed into rustic accent pieces.

The Cypress Regeneration Plan      

Aiming to preserve the health of this natural forest, Sur Forestal together with state forest agencies began working on a controlled Cypress Regeneration Plan, which Sur Forestal is currently applying to its own woods. The first measure taken was to fence in the whole perimeter of the wood and prevent domestic animals such as sheep and cows from harming the cypress saplings. In a recent implemented second phase, younger trees are selected, and in some cases transplanted, targeting a population density of at least 150 healthy trees per acre. If the dead tree is extracted correctly, the properties of the wood remain intact.

Patron Design’s objective is to save the value of the wood, preserve its beauty and, in a sense, prolong the life cycle of the Cypress Tree beyond its existence as a tree!



Was founded in 2010 to serve the growing global demand for stylish rustic furniture. Its products are made from the unique wood of the Patagonia cypress, Austrocedrus Chilensis, a protected species. Back-integrated to the harvesting of trees, Patron Design adheres strictly to sustainable forestry principles and to the specific controls that apply to the Patagonia Cypress. Only fallen and standing dead trees are taken for their wood.

Tree removal is certified by the local Forest Agency, which co-operates closely with Patron Design’s partner, Sur Forestal, a forest product company. As part of a Patagonia cypress regeneration program being implemented, young trees are selected, and when necessary, re-planted in order to ensure the best conditions for their survival and healthy growth.  

Sur Forestal farm is located in the northwest corner of the Argentine Patagonia, close to the small city of El Bolsón. With over 3,000 acres of its own woods and more than 10 years of experience in sustainable forestry and forest development, Sur Forestal provides high quality lumber for the regional furniture and construction industry.

Patagonia Rustic Expression specializes in mushroom side tables and tree stumps, but it’s continuously expanding its Eco-friendly furniture line to include other uses of the cypress wood, such as armchairs and also other high quality craftsmanship products, from all corners of Patagonia.

Patron Design brings out the rustic beauty of the wood’s natural grain with its creative design and natural finish of the end product.






Shielded by mountains and ancient glaciers, the small towof El Bolsón lies on the southwestern corner of theProvince of Río Negro. Located at the foot of MounPiltriquitrón on the Quemquemtreu River, El Bolson issurrounded by an area of wooded lakes and rivers of great beauty. To protect its unique natural character El Bolsón was declared a Non-Nuclear Zone and Ecological Municipality in 1984

                      El Bolson is an agricultural community that specializes in fruit and hop. As well as having a rich cultural life, it is famous for its handicraft and is one of the main centers of this business in Argentina. El Bolson attracts people looking for a natural and healthy life style. Patron Design is proud to be part of this great community.


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