Making your Furniture Match!

Color Inspirations!

We understand there are hundreds and thousands of different types of furniture out there, so finding that perfect matching table or that modern chair can be quite difficult. Maybe you found the single most perfect piece of furniture you must have, but it doesn’t work with your room, or you can’t find anything that looks similar. Having matching furniture and controlling the different designs of your furniture can truly tone things down, to bring out other details. It can help accent or take away from another piece of furniture. Or it can even pull everything and provide that cohesiveness you were looking for.


We at ModernContempo are constantly trying to make your interior design journey as easy as possible. Especially with mid century classics coming back and plenty of other modern contemporary designs, we’re picking and matching designer furniture to make the modern look you need. With that said we would like to introduce our  “Color Inspirations”. You can visit to our pinterest Here!. There you can find our “boards” of furniture that we’ve grouped together for you. They can range from matching colors, to designs. Even boards containing our furniture with glass legs or even hidden storage! We will be constantly adding new boards of furniture of similar styles to make finding and matching your furniture easy.