The Chair of the Moon by Shlomi Haziza for Hstudio

HSTUDIO Collection Shlomi Haziza begins with the artist statues and founder. The collection is developed over the years include not only sculpture, but the Poland, furniture, furniture, lighting, accessories, carpets, waterfalls and a wall sculpture. Acrylic is dominated to date sensitive materials, the Haziza. Acrylic is ruthlessly, but expressive, with refraction – nature, which provides a unique dynamic. Haziza spent Interior acrylic fire years using the metal powder color and techniques of sculpture and breathe life and emotion in each room are new ways to find.


This time HStudio comes with a section of the design, innovative and dramatic, attention the Moon Hstudio President command. President mod Moon and the curved conversation that is at the heart of the area. The shape, cloth, and acrylic makes chair a great success. The curves are highlighted and exaggerated the height of the Chair reminds me of the film, Alice in Wonderland. Optional acrylic feet add incomparable personality. Available in various toppings can include a set of colors. with the election of the acrylic materials, wood, or leg BAJ and contains the colors of passion suede ultra suede Milano and collection ultra suede atmosphere.

wpid elegant moon chair by Shlomi Haziza1 Le président de la Lune par Shlomi Haziza pour Hstudio
wpid The moon chair by Shlomi Haziza Le président de la Lune par Shlomi Haziza pour Hstudio
wpid white moon chair with ottoman Le président de la Lune par Shlomi Haziza pour Hstudio

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