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From contemporary modern to minimalist, and from mid-century to traditional, there are many contemporary sofa styles to choose from. Discover how to select the right one and position it for optimal impact in your home. Choose from styles that will elevate your lifestyle. We carry single pieces, and modular sofa styles in our showrooms. Our couches and sofas are available with fabric, velvet, and leather as well as wood and metal construction sofa styles.  

When it comes to contemporary sofa styles, there are a variety of options to choose from. Whether you prefer a modern, minimalist look or something more traditional, selecting the right sofa and positioning it in your home can make a big impact on your overall decor. Here are some tips to help you choose the perfect contemporary sofa for your space.

Determine Your Style Preferences.

Before you start shopping for a contemporary sofa, it’s important to determine your style preferences. Do you prefer a sleek and modern look, or something more traditional? Or are you looking for a mid-century modern sofa? Are you drawn to bold colors and patterns, or do you prefer neutral tones? Take some time to browse home decor magazines and our website ModernContempo.com to get a sense of what styles appeal to you. Consider sleeping position, overall décor in your space, materials used, and fabric colors when purchasing a sofa. Sofas come with 3-seater, 2-seater, or large 4-seater models for different size spaces and rooms.

At Modern Contempo, we carry several styles of sofas in our showrooms including art deco style sofas, casual sofas, modern luxury sofas, European sofa designs, and more. Check with our showroom locations throughout Maryland and New Jersey.

Curved Sofa Style

Curved sofas are also part of moderncontempo.com selection. A curved sofa can be a perfect choice for a large room or space with curved walls. Before adding a curved sofa to your home, it's important to consider the layout of the room. Curved sofas work best in larger spaces where they can be the focal point of the room. Make sure there is enough space around the sofa for easy movement and that it doesn't block any important features such as windows or doorways. Additionally, consider the overall style and color scheme of the room to ensure the curved sofa complements the existing decor. This will help you narrow down your options and make a more informed decision when it comes to selecting the right sofa or couch for your home.

Sectional Sofas

Once you have determined the style and design of your modern sectional sofa, it’s time to consider the configuration and features. Do you want a sectional with a chaise lounge or recliner? Do you want an L-shape sectional? Do you need a sofa bed for guests? Will the sectional fit comfortably in your space? Do you want a left-arm-facing (LAF) or right-arm-facing (RAF) L-Shape sofa? Or o you want a U-shape sectional? These are all important factors to consider when choosing a modern sectional sofa. Additionally, think about the materials and durability of the sectional, as well as any additional features such as built-in storage or USB ports. By considering all of these factors, you can ensure that your modern sectional sofa not only looks great but also meets all of your functional needs.

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white sectional sofa

Consider the Size and Layout of Your Room.

When choosing a contemporary sofa, it’s important to consider the size and layout of your room. A large sofa may overwhelm a small space, while a small sofa may look out of place in a large room. Take measurements of your room and consider the placement of other furniture to determine the appropriate size for your sofa. Additionally, consider the shape of your room and choose a sofa that complements the layout. For example, a sectional sofa may work well in a large, open living room, while a loveseat may be a better fit for a cozy den.


Choose the Right Material and Color.

Once you have determined the size and shape of your contemporary sofa, it’s time to choose the material and color. Leather is a popular choice for contemporary sofas, as it is durable and easy to clean. However, if you have pets or young children, a fabric sofa may be a better option. When it comes to color, consider the overall color scheme of your room. A neutral sofa can be a versatile choice, while a bold color can add a pop of personality to your space. Don’t be afraid to mix and match colors and textures with throw pillows and blankets to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere.


Think About Functionality and Comfort.

While style is important, it’s also crucial to consider the functionality and comfort of your contemporary sofa. Think about how you will be using the sofa – will it be for lounging, entertainment, or both? Look for features like adjustable headrests or reclining seats for added comfort. Consider the depth and height of the seat, as well as the firmness of the cushions. Don’t forget to test out the sofa in person before making a purchase to ensure it meets your comfort needs.


Accessorize and Position Your Sofa for Maximum Impact.

Once you've chosen the perfect curved sofa for your space, it's time to add some finishing touches with pillows and throws. These accessories not only add comfort but also help tie the sofa into the overall design of the room. Choose pillows and throws in complementary colors and patterns to create a cohesive look. Mix and match textures for added visual interest. Don't be afraid to play with different sizes and shapes of pillows to create a dynamic and inviting space. Consider placing an area rug underneath the sofa to anchor the space and add texture. When positioning the sofa, think about the flow of traffic in the room and how it will be used. Place it in a central location for entertainment or facing a TV for movie nights. With the right accessories such as a coffee table and a nice modern tv console, your contemporary sofa will become the focal point of your living space.