1. Saarinen Dining table  2. White Remix Office Chair 3.  Le Corbusier Convertible Sofa 4. Poul Volther's Coroner Chair - "Crono Chair" 5. Mushroom Table Lamp 6. Flower Stool 7. Arco Style Floor Lamp 8. White Le Corbusier Chaise


Roger Sterling’s office, designed by his trendy ex-wife Jane, automatically screams 60s. Roger himself still seems to be stuck in the 40s (how many times does he mention World War II?), and yet his office is the most then-modern of all of them. I love all of the white and the circle motif in the desk, lamps and giant wall print. And you have to love just how much furniture is in the room. It’s pretty indicative that Roger does more sitting than he does working.

Roger's oval desk is the marble-topped Saarinen Tulip Dining table , complete with a Nesso Style Mushroom Table Lamp.

Roger's Office Roger Sterling's office is much more mod than Don's. Op art makes a trippy background to all-white furniture. In the seating area,  Poul Volther's Coroner Chair - "Crono Chair", Saarinen Dining table - "Flower Table", Flower Stool, and an Eames for Herman Miller sofa, the Le Corbusier Convertible Sofa are all 1960s-era classics. Why not check out more Contemporary Style Furniture we carry? You will find modern style chairs, contemporary furniture and more Take your time!