Amazing space saving coffee tables that convert into a dining table

Space has become a scarcity these days and urbanization is giving way to smaller dwellings, which has led us to utilize our small homes in the best way possible. A lot of companies have come out with space-saving furniture, which is ideal as you get the benefit of two furniture pieces in one. These days, separate living and dining areas are becoming a luxury and hence comes the need for convertible coffee tables that transform into dining tables. This is a great way to save on the much-needed space at home and prevent it from getting cluttered. Here are excellent designs of such coffee table-cum-dining tables that can be easily accommodated inside your home.


#1. Acacia Coffee/Dining Table






#3.Acacia Rectangular Convertible Coffee/Dining Table



#4.Cosmos Convertible Console/DiningTable


#5.Olympia Round Extension DiningTable



#5.Modern Contemporary Entertainment Wall Unit Center MC890