Illuminated Furniture

Illuminated Furniture

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This innovative seating, serving and sitting area concept combines smooth, contemporary design with sharp visual appeal for a stunning effect that customers, party guests, friends and family will remember for years. Or set the furniture unlit for a sleek, futuristic look and style.

Lighted vases, chairs, cocktail tables and other furniture and décor create a dazzling, new look and style for clubs, restaurants, parties, events or even your backyard. This new line of glowing, decorative furnishings and fixtures comprises lighted cubes in five different sizes, lighted cylinders in five different heights, lighted chairs in different colors, lighted, textured faux rocks and round poly ball lighting accessories.

All of the glowing lightable furniture is manufactured from durable, scratch and scuff-resistant, 100% polyethylene to withstand constant use in busy hospitality settings and frequent transport for rental shops. Their light weight permits easy movement, setup and handling by one person and they may be placed inside or outside. A molded-in opening in the bottom of each one allows placement of an LED RGB strip that can be battery powered or electrical lighting products. The LED or other light shines upwards and outwards evenly through the modern plastic material to create the mesmerizing glowing effect and may be switched on and off when the natural, unlit look is desired.

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