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Founded in 1985, 9R became one of the prestigious and significant brands of furniture sector.

9R is a brand which has succeeded to globalize with Classical, Avant-garde and Contemporary Furniture.

It is the focal point of Luxurious Furniture which has a complete problem free approach providing integrated, convenient design and supply solution for its customers’ requirements with its full-fledged production facilities for wood and decoration.

9R is the leading provider of design, consultancy and turnkey solutions for architectural projects. Thanks to its advance technology production facility and experience; it provides complete turnkey solutions for hotels, commercial buildings, public institutes and housing complexes.

9R; has represented high scale projects in Europe, Africa, Asia and Middle Eastern Regions and grabbed a slice of history.

St. Luxio Collections

St. Luxio specializes in design and manufacturing of new conceptual home decor designs and contemporary furnishings. With St. Luxio you will find diversity in their product lines because their in-house dedicated designers develop new concepts and adapt form to function.

St. Luxio, understands international market trends in Interior decor and design and believe in facilitating consumer demands. They strive to pertain to highest quality standards, warranty and service consistently.

Environmentally conscious, St. Luxio strives to provide the finest eco-friendly products and avoid using chemicals and promote wherever possible via the use of natural resources.

Luxzini Collections

The most important feature of the classical understanding is that it is the carrier of modern times from the collection of history and the oldest style designs of the past.

Decorative in furniture, variety of motifs in upholstery and forms with thin lines are the features that benefit Luxzini's designs from use and designs from space.

Luxzini adds interpretations of this style with the usual classical perception in its designs about "previously conventional knowledge and experience, and with an understanding of beauty that challenges aesthetic pleasure.

Lotté Luxury

With Lotté LUXURY Together, we focus on the design, production, sales and furnishing of home accessories. light luxury, modern , minimalist, American, Italian, Nordic and other mainstream styles in the market, product categories include: ornaments, vases, fruit pots, photo frames, candlesticks, flowers and plants, tableware, aromatherapy, bathroom, Small furniture etc.

We Provide customers with one-stop purchasing service for soft decoration spot.

Since its establishment more than ten years ago, its products have been sold to nearly 100 countries and regions" LotteLuxury has a design team with an international vision, shuttles to major home furnishing exhibitions in the world such as Paris, Milan, Gaodian, etc., collects the latest home furnishing trends



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